Reviews for "Granny Strikes Back"

It's a blast

i like it, it's fun and somewhat challenging.. but one thing is bothering me.

Hope u can assist: Every time i start the game it tells me api connection failed and i don't get any of those medals. Only in game. Why is that?

Sorry i googled it but didn't get that much wiser.

SilenGames responds:

Thanks for feedback!
Could you please try to open game in other browser?

not alot but also not too little

firstly the controls and all that were at its best. also the upgrades were unique and had a big role in the game. i would like to point out that the swarms of enemies weren't enough and the time after you killed them you had to wait some time for the level to end

overall its an outstanding game.

not bad...

I enjoyed this game a bit.
it was kinda to easy for me, personally, but overall enjoyable.


Great Game

Love Grannys comments

Awesome Game

I give a nine because for some reason the medals don't work.