Reviews for "Leaf Me Alone"

Great Stuff!

Loving the style, and despite it's extensive use of cartoon cliches, it was done so perfectly I laughed at every one! The voices too were extremely amsuing, and I liked the way they contributed in a universally understandable way rather than controlled the narrative (sorta silent movie style, so people of all languages could get it). My only complaint (which I won't let effect the score as can be seen :P) is the picture quality of the upload isn't great, maybe it's my computer or something, but for a flash it looks oddly compressed.

StringAnime responds:

Due to my Shading techniques which are too heavy on CPU speed for Native Flash Vector imagery, I have to render out an FLV and then re-import it back. I think it is good that you don't penalize me for trying whatever means possible to preserve my art with a nice Frame rate. Thanks.

THAT WAS SO GREAT .. and random

you sir merit a place in the top 1 spot..

StringAnime responds:

Thank You very much, that means a lot to me.

self destruct

10 for the Predator reference!!! :D

funny, i don't get it,, but funny

this flash movie reminds me of Point Blank the PSX shooting videogame.
There was a challenge when you had to shoot a falling leaf
Did ya take inspiration from that? :3


I loved it all except for the voice acting at some parts; still, overall it was great!