Reviews for "Leaf Me Alone"

haha nice

whats up with the leaves having muscles? good job, nice animations


Wow, that was hilarious m,an! Good job! LOLOLOLOL! The animation was okay, but could be improved! Very good use of colors! Nice job mate! Funny as holy hell!

Glad this is here.

and by here, i mean front page, How the hell could this not be?

5/5 I would say my favorite part, but that would take away from the video itself. Sit down, grab yourself a Sammich and tea, and watch this Animation.

Don`t choke while laughing.

HaHa super cool

Congratulations too long we did not give a good laugh all this is very hilarious

Wow this is great!

This flash's humor makes me fall on the floor every time, I loved the style and voices. My only problem with the animation is the lack of mouth movement while the characters are speaking. Other than thhat, the animation is good