Reviews for "Leaf Me Alone"


Excellent flash. Not only is the content amazing(like an old-fashioned cartoon), the graphical quality is on a level all its own too. If this is what you're doing on the side while you work on this ultra-secret project, I can't wait to see what the project looks like when it's finished.

Also, to JulianGTZ and anyone else wondering about the blurriness, that's called a film grain. It's supposed to give it a gritty, classic look.


Smoothest animation on newgrounds! Next to tarboy this is amazing! Gotta say though, when I watched it, it kinda seemed blurry.

oh no

it ended in catastro(tree) get it cause hes from a tree haha i get it.

spooning is fun too.

Who are you?!

For starters, I just gotta' say. I've been here for many a years, and I havn't seen something this impressive for a long, long time. So, because you are awesome, I'm giving you a real review. Not "lol, dat bird! 5/5 10/10!!11!". Because I've fallen in love with you.
Everything about this cartoon was well put together, from the style, to length.
There was not a single unpleasant, idiosyncratic, sound or animation. The jokes were all very relevant, and delivered in a top-notch way, be it the way the man retrieved his gun, or the pop-culture reference involving Predator.
Your particular art style is exaggerated very well, while still portraying it in a realistic manner. It looks like everything has a glossy, very cartoony feel- that only goes better with your humor.
Extra points simply for having a control bar. It's simple, nothing extra, nothing lacking- but we didn't come here to see your control bar. Regardless, thank you for including one.
I dunno' what more I can say, other than you've made a morning and a cup of coffee turn into a shirt with a stain during a gigglefest. Well done, I'm favoring you. Looking forward to seeing your future projects.

StringAnime responds:

Thank you, your words are well received. I have watched Newgrounds from the corner of my eye since its debut. Your encouraging words help me get over my shyness. Thanks

Looney tune feel

This reminded me so much of the classic looney tunes; It had flawless animations, funny characters, and an epic struggle where the guy with a gun always looses.