Reviews for "Leaf Me Alone"


predator much? XD


This is a great throwback to the old, zany cartoons. Brings back alot of fond memories. Great job!

cool i guees

nice animation

the explosion part showuld have been a WTF-BBOOOOOOM part

Amazing Animation.

As I said in the title, it's amazing. However even though it is a great animation (Really good) Doesn't mean it's instant 10 stars. I only rated it a 9/10 because of the poor syncing with the voices. I heard the person say things while his mouth was wide open and not moving. Although this could be some weird attempt to make things funnier, I think it lowers the overall quality of an animation to a certain degree.

Other than that one flaw, I'd say it was very nicely done. Defiantly deserves recognition.


did i know he was going to pull out a shotgun