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Reviews for "Sinister Sudoku"


Fun, Difficult, not sure it can be beaten. Gonna keep playing!

bdjcomic responds:

Definitely can be beaten - sometimes the moving sections and changing numbers break your concentration. Like ctst said in his comment, solve it one number at a time, approach it like many different puzzles that you only get to solve one clue each in. Glad you like it!


How could you win this game ???

I've won once..

..And i'll never try that again!!! It took me a whole 1:50 to beat it!!! wait... less than 2 minutes? Wow i must be really smart!!

...Jokes aside, a bug of some kind pushes the timer back to 1:48 every time you pause and then resume :D The game itself was really mind-stressing, especially when whole sets of numbers disappear (all the 4's, or the1's, so often to me), but after a little time spent i started to get it, then it became simple as rolling down the hill. Minor complaint for the music, that wasn't just chilling enough to suit perfectly, but thanks to mute button it won't tear off no stars. So here's your 10!

freakin hard!

love this game. sudoku is my game of choice every day of the week, and i will never look at it the same way again. very original, very challenging, and very fun


Someone has found a way to make the hardest number game on earth even harder... Bravo sir, bravo >:)