Reviews for "Moonlight Difference"


I have never played these types of games for more than just a few clicks.. but this was fantastic. The music set the mood, and i love your artwork. Had to play it til the very end.


Sad but beautiful. I like the bunny in the moon.

it was a great game and good music and art

hi,this a great game,really good art,and great music, have you ever considerd to to write a book,draw a manga,make a movie or anime,or a negrounds short movie out of this,because you would be a great author and director by making this game into something more.oh and you can also do this with the other submissioons you did in the past,but great game so don't fret.if you can,respond to this and tell me what you think of my review.CHOW


simply beautiful

and i cried too painkiller.

Wonderful story, beautiful art and gorgeous music -- this was instantly added to my favorites. I have it running in the background while I do other things online just for the music.