Reviews for "Moonlight Difference"


the art style and quality were unbeleivable, i dont usually like this type of game, but this was awesome


It's just an exceptional work.

The drawings are fantastic, beautiful. They just tell the story in such a spot on way, I just loved the "storytelling" they were leading me.

And what I liked most, the music. It's just so gorgeous, so fitting, so sad and beautiful. The way the harp works as a little backing melody in a kinda ostinato way, and how the simple melody of the voice leads the way with such magnificent dynamics. I just got carried away with it, made me have a flashback of kinda sad times, I almost cry during the game (xp).

Well... after releasing my feelings over the music (sigh...) hehehe. I would like to congratulate all of you who made this game. I'm a huge fan of the point-and-click and difference games (I know this ain't no point-n-click). I really enjoy all the mixture of artwork and music in this kind of games. And I was hoping if you could tell me please, please, pleaseeee... who made that song? and the name of it? and if there is a place to download or buy it I would really appreciate if you'd let me know where.

So congratulations again, and thank you for making this kind of games. I'ts awesome. Keep it up, and up, and up, and never fall down.

DifferenceGames responds:

Thanks for the great review. Send us a PM with your email and we will send you an MP3 of the music from the game.
[I added this note to the game description]

Wonderful :o

This is game is really beautiful. The music is gorgeous and the graphics are wonderful. I really liked it.


It's hard to say but I teared up playing this. I love the innovation that was put into this game....it's just.....lovely

*sniff* *sniff*

*sniff* Its so sad... *sniff*