Reviews for "Moonlight Difference"

Not sure if I like the "message" of the story? And that being we have this youngster first sees the "fairy" in the wood, she's beautiful and such that's great, and she gave him her pendant before going away because of daybreak.

Now we found out it's the youngster's recollection now that he's old, and he died presumably peacefully while still kept the pendant. NOW what I don't like is, we see his daughter (?) and granddaughter (?) mourning for his passing while his "spirit" is reunited with the fairy...

Well what's going on with his wife? To me it feels like he just left his family behind to finally be with the person he truly loves, that is the fairy. I don't know man. Kind of weird.

too beutiful... thats the problem ,too beutiful too notice the difference.............


Beautiful art. The fact that there's a storyline. Fitting, haunting music.


Scoring. Time bonuses in particular turn this from "take your time and admire the art" into "rush through this to get a high score". Many of the differences consists of stripes put on some object; even those that don't usually are in the foreground, not in the background. And finally, it's simply too EASY.

All in all - nice, but not quite a favorite of mine.

Beautiful story, graphics, music. Absolutely splendit...

Somehow, these Difference Games always gave me a faint Rammstein vibe..