Reviews for "Moonlight Difference"

My only regret...

is that I cannot give you a higher score.

The "Difference" between this game and others...

First off, I'm going to say the music was a spectacular choice. It really sets the mood for the theme of the story. The smooth stringed instruments relax the mind and the female siinger really gives it a sense of mysticism.

As for the game itself, a very interesting and good story all the way through. At first I though i was irritated with the simple difficulty of the game, but quickly remembered that a big part of this game is to tell a story and not just test the players observational skills. However, once beaten, the hard mode does test the player and requires a trained eye to get through.

My favorite part of the game -- aside from the beautiful artwork -- was the fact that for the Hard Mode, you used a different set of differences that required a much more keen eye to see. It was indeed refreshing to see this sort of creativity.

Overall, I enjoyed the story and the game. Very well done.


Dude, I honest to God just made my first newgrounds account JUST to tell you how awesome this game is, and how much I lover it. Iv been playing on this site for years, and have never found a game with such awesome graphics and music combined. Good job sir!

very beautiful...

im speechless from this fascinating and majestic art work you have created..if theres was any way i could die, i would want to die like this. im glad i took the time to play and watch this work of art. 10/10 5* and thank you for posting this... this brought some happiness into my chaotic life :)


The music,the colors,the story.Truly beautiful.