Reviews for "Moonlight Difference"


thats the only difference, boring! 4/10 for the art

good :)

It was generally a nice differences game the art was good and everything else, but he had a wife and a daughter o_o this isn't a nice love story x)


the art style is lovely and the music is calming, normally i get bored with seek the difference games but this one get me intrigued with it to the end.

scored 2553 on try #1

I found the first few frames tough but soon I realized that most of the differences were just weird stripes on arms or legs, or just funky shading, a few differences in jewelry here and there, and about one background object per frame. It was a bit formulaic and most of the edits to the original pictures looked out of place, and therefore easy to find. Still, it was a nice story with good looking art.


I mostly care about the story throughout the game ...I really love it and also the music is calming.