Reviews for "Moonlight Difference"

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beautiful artwork

I was disappointed that this is just a "spot the difference" game. But the artwork and music is really beautiful so I gave it a few points extra just for that.

A triumph in Art as well as Atmosphere

Let me start off by saying I am not much a fan of spot the difference games but this one... is something else entirely. It is not so much as a game as a work of art. The artwork itself is beautiful enough by itself but combined with the majestic audio it creates an atmosphere that completely engrosses the player into the experience. The addition of an innovative hint system makes sure that even players who are new to the spot the difference genre can still experience the beautiful tale of the soldier who discovered a secret in the moonlit forest.

this is very lovie

I had so much fun playing it

fantastic art

but i really would've just uploaded them as a web comic or something because i hate spot the difference, and making the hard, really, really hard was just cruel, i want to know what the hidden clip is, but i am just constantly using reveal, that may mean i'm just terrible but c'mon, who cares... i don't. So any way really great art, and a touching story