Reviews for "Moonlight Difference"

relaxing yet challangeing.

outstanding game. it took awhile to get the feel of whats going on but once you get the hand of it its very additice. some are abvious others take a good eye to see. on a side note a very relaxing and touching story line. made one old bones cry :)..


Im addicted to this game.

Here's a tip...

Cross your eyes so that the two images overlap and try and make a clear image. Then click on anything that seems transparent or flashy.

It makes the game so much quicker and possible to do Hard mode.

Brilliant game.

Symphony of Specters is ridiculously awesome

and so are you, good sir. Only thing is, it would be cool if there was a sequel. The soldier's family (his daughter and granddaughter, I assume) inherited his amulet, didn't they? I'm to9tally like, "What does it do? What's gonna happen next?" So, moar please!


great graphics although gets boring when you try to complete it on hard.