Reviews for "Moonlight Difference"


I'm really not into 'Spot The Difference' types of games, but I loved this one, the music really did mesh well with the art, which is fabulous.

Fantastic absolute

the reason that guess the difference games usually turn out to be a grinding and loathed minigame is because you are forced to scruitinize 2 pictures for a considerable length of time, and only those with an eye for detail can finish a decent in any reasonable time slot.

you, my friend did not dumb it down or make stupid mnemonic tricks, but simply just made it so that we WANT to analyse every damn detail in your artwork,making it an enchanting experiance instead of a grinding one.

the only reason that i gave it one point short of a ten is because we could've used more scenes.

I mean, what the heck, since we're enjoying it already GIVE US MOAR!!!

fantastic art

When i opened this i thought "Please not another spot the difference game" when i saw it was i nearly closed it, however the quality of the art made me hang around. So after playing it to the end this is what i think.

art- magnificent

music- fantastic, carries the aura of sadness and loss and the elegence of the places pictured in the art

length- nice length for a game of this type, too long and it becomes drudgery

story- nice, perfect for a game like this, if you tell the whole story panel by panel it feels slow, this however left a great deal to the players imagination.

Gameplay- Here was your minor let down, i found the 2nd panel to be by far the hardest, after that i tore through each panel in under 20 seconds. Why? because you kept hiding the differences in the same places, every time i saw a tatoo/skin design or a stripey patern on clothing i could click it without even needing to check the other panel. It is good to see however that you disabled the TAB cheat.

Overall, the best spot the difference game i have seen on NG, and probably the first i have enjoyed here.


I dont care much for the game itself but the drawings are truley amazing and the music is great.

this game

this game is amasing, i mean realy the story to it is sad yet in the end, you just feel like this is something that should of happend. and did, the man, loved, lost, and is now with her forever. amasing. the artwork as well. its just great.