Reviews for "Moonlight Difference"

The hard one was real part!

The story was as everyone ,as already remarked, simply amazing and kept me spellbound.

@DashingRooster :You must Try the game at level hard.


I'm not a huge fan of spot the difference games and I can say truthfully that this is the only one I have ever finished. This one is unlike the other ones because it has a story that I actually want to pursue. Great artwork throughout the game. But the actually puzzle solving aspect of the game left something to be desired, it could have been a little tougher, I beat the game in less than ten minutes, like how most of the differences were the ladies tattoes on some puzzles. But besides that I loved it.


Amazing art work, very graceful. You picked an excellent track to go with it, the whole thing was hypnotizing, I couldn't stop. I'm glad it ended or I would be glued to it for days, watching the story unfold and the feeling.

Why i'll be.

You dont get to play such a game everyday. Hard mode really earns its name, every single stroke of paint and every single pixel could be the difference but after a long time I found it all and boy, was it hard.

The art used here is amazing and the game is challanging to anyone which is willing it sit it out and actually find all the differences.

Kudos to you.


It's fantastic. Wonderful artworks, a relaxing background music create a wonderful ambience.

There's only one problem. It was a bit less. We want more!