Reviews for "Moonlight Difference"


i love the story and the music is there any way you can give me a link of it that is working i realy wana know where i can get it i went to the site but i couldnt find it if you know where to find the soundtrack could u pls message me the link thank you for making this game it gives me the same feeling when i play dream:)


wow... breath taking, and beautiful ;)

amzing baby!

so good, its start with some confusion and end with an unexpected ending...who is the woman beside the old man in the end?


omg between the music and just looking the picture that really tell the beautiful story ended up in tears in middle of the game. Splendid job!

I loved everything about this

The art was fantastic. I love your style, I loved every panel, the character designs, the story, the composition, all of it. I feel the pictures allowed this story to transcend its simplicity and shortness, and to allude to about a million other things, vague memories, myths, tales, dreams. Just, kudos.

Pro tip: If you have trouble finding differences, you can look at the pictures cross-eyed until they overlap. Anything different between panels will appear transparent. Naturally, this doesn't work if they are arranged vertically, and it is still difficult to see things in the darker areas of the pictures.