Reviews for "Moonlight Difference"


best so far of this type i have ever played...The music went great with those awesome pictures, I really liked how you gave me the option to make the photo how I like it by clicking on either side. but the story i don't really get...if he met with her when he died was she a ghost? Was it harming him being with her because as the photos progressed his clothing was getting torn. Or is it none of those things and i'm simply overthinking it lol?

Very nice

This game is pretty challenging as well as very beautiful good story to it as well although the one thing i did not like was how he would leave the family he already had to join her even if he was dead he shouldnt betray them even after death although i can understand that love never fades or so to speak still thats only my opinion it had nothing to do how on how i judge this youve done well i hope to see more like this in the near future Great work

nice challenge

its a realy nice game, love music, love the art, but,, to find the differences, is easy when figured out when you focused on, like, what makes them easy/hard to find.
please do continue your work, both of you,
SoS, you make wonderfull music that i enjoy ^^

beauty in a game, no more, no less...


A story of wonder, curiosity, love! INCREDIBLE usage of color and character depiction at every turn!


And i LOVE how, in the end, the soldier dies and is reunited with his magical love!

you have made me spill tears of amazement! WONDERFUL!!!

i luv it!

the pic and music were awesome
but i wish the difference were more interesting coz they were all
either too ridiculously obvious or some really shitty detail....
surely there are more ways than juz dabbing a few spots and call it a difference?