Reviews for "Moonlight Difference"

Eerie music, good artwork.

The music was a bit eerie, made things a bit dramatic, though this isn't a bad thing. Artwork was good as well, an interesting concept with the ability to choose what side you want to click, I liked that because sometimes I found it harder to find the differences on the right than it was on the left. I ended up with a score of 2611.

On a side note, the first time you meet the old man, what exactly is that third bump...? Or do I not want to know that?

Green Am

Great game! The graphics were pretty and the music fitting.


anyone else cry to this?


First thing I have to mention is of course the artwork, it is absolutely beautiful and what makes your game stand out more than other "spot the difference" types of games.

The difficulty is good; neither too hard nor too easy and the "hint" button serves those lazy couch potatoes that aren't bothered to look harder well.

To be honest, I couldn't give this game any less than 10 because throughout the game, I was entertained with the story being told within the beautiful art, wanting to know what happens next.

In short... keep up the good work!

Simply beautiful!

I'm blown away! The artwork is down right gorgeous! Never have i been so moved by such fantastic work. Especially for a find the difference game. You did an amazing job on this game. The music perfectly compliments the beauty and emotion of the artwork. Its nothing short of spectacular! I am definatly looking forward to see future work from you. Keep up the amazing work!