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Reviews for "Josh Tam Mysteries G1"

good game scary but good game


I'm only leaving this review because the previous one was so negative. I found this game to be quite fun. A bit more interesting than the average point and click. At times though it became difficult to understand what arrows went where. But I did finish it and I found it alright. The actual people (that I assume you drew) were alright but hardly awe inspiring. But if you make another one that is even a bit better I will play it. Well done whoever you are. If you like any form of point and click you will probably like this.

josh-tamugaia responds:

Thanks for the review. I agree with what you said. Of course, this is my first hand at point and click, and I have planned sequels that will be better and longer and more challenging.


interesting and fairly well made. it wasn't too dark for me though so i guess it does depend on the screen resolution. was a tad easy and short.

i liked it

josh-tamugaia responds:

glad you did

Interesting tale, I liked it. My only complaint would be that the end came a bit too easily & abruptly, but still, you didn't exactly promise "MYST", so I think that can be overlooked. ;-) Nice game! :-)