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Reviews for "Josh Tam Mysteries G1"

Not bad,but

it was way to easy. of course you told it in the beginning but still it wouldnt be bad if you would made it a bit harder.The only thing i had to do was to find the right weapon against my enemy and then click it,but graphic were pretty nice and i think you have a lot of potential so keep up the work and impress me with your next one ;)


interesting and fairly well made. it wasn't too dark for me though so i guess it does depend on the screen resolution. was a tad easy and short.


I'm only leaving this review because the previous one was so negative. I found this game to be quite fun. A bit more interesting than the average point and click. At times though it became difficult to understand what arrows went where. But I did finish it and I found it alright. The actual people (that I assume you drew) were alright but hardly awe inspiring. But if you make another one that is even a bit better I will play it. Well done whoever you are. If you like any form of point and click you will probably like this.

josh-tamugaia responds:

Thanks for the review. I agree with what you said. Of course, this is my first hand at point and click, and I have planned sequels that will be better and longer and more challenging.

Not impressed

This game has a TOO DARK? button that links you to a monitor calibration page which attempts to send you an exploit...Not impressed.

josh-tamugaia responds:

Hi. Before launching the game, I found that many players/testers could not see some details in the game because their monitors were not calibrated. My laptop was like that too. The link wasn't there at first, but I added it in later on. Well, it would help people adjust their monitors, so why not, right? I am just puzzled why you are not impressed just because of a Too Dark link. Anyways, I appreciate your time writing a review.