Reviews for "The Book of Living Magic"

Well at first

I was going to exit the game when i first seen it, i looked at the reviews and all of them wer good and i could see you put alot of effort into the art and the game itself i enjoyed everybit of it id like to see more.

This is a wonderful game.

I love the soothing calmness of the music as well as the silly atmosphere of the game. It took my mind off a lot of things and I was able to immerse myself in the simple and complex intricacies of this strange world. Thank you for making this game. If I ever find myself in need of relaxing I'll immerse myself in the world of the Raven Lock Smith once more.


A beautiful story, fitting music, an overall touching experience.

It was already earning up points before the intro was half done, and I'm glad I went through this.

I'm keeping a link to this.

Finally some literature.

You might as well have been writing Gulliver's Travels, as for the fantasy, interpretation of characters and all related lingos, and for the intensity of light, delightful, engaged, moral satire. Great job, amusing and perfect in any minimal detail.

Wonderful game! BoLM showed me that you CAN use hand-drawn graphics in a game, and it made me realize I want my own adventure game to leave a feel-good impression on people.

Had I not played this, my game would have turned out VERY differently. So, thank you BoLM.