Reviews for "The Book of Living Magic"

Well at first

I was going to exit the game when i first seen it, i looked at the reviews and all of them wer good and i could see you put alot of effort into the art and the game itself i enjoyed everybit of it id like to see more.

Excellent Little Story

As Monkius said the score for this game is a little bizarre but my guess is some people didn't really play it.
The game was great fun; both the story and the extraneous puns and references that were attached to everything.

This is

one of the best adventure games I've played here. It has depth, witty comments and descriptions, not to mention the quest for glory references. The audio is fitting! Calming at the start, a little melancholic to show her sadness, and then gimpy at the town and eerie and mysterious at the forests. Graphics wise its not great but it fits perfectly with the story, since the story is almost a narrative and its like you're reading from a book!

This game is just perfect! I cannot understand how people can give this such a low score! I look forward to your next creations!


A beautiful story, fitting music, an overall touching experience.

It was already earning up points before the intro was half done, and I'm glad I went through this.

I'm keeping a link to this.


This one of the best games I've ever played. The zany characters, beautiful drawings and most of all the message it sent created an amazing world to be in.Make more, because you obviously have incredible potential.