Reviews for "The Book of Living Magic"

MORE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PLEASE DO NOT END D: . I WANT TO PLAY "The Book of Living Magic 2" BECAUSE I ALREADY KNOW THAT IT'S AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! MAYBE YOU COULD CREATE ANOTHER "The Book of Living Magic 2" WITH THE PART THAT THE HUMAN TRYING TO TELL YOU SOMETHING AT THE CIRCUS!!!!!!!!!!! SORRY FOR THE CAPS BUT I <3 THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh!!! One more thing!!! When you finish the game, Look at the part where it said "McShellfish Lair", look right, you gonna see an stand-alone eyeball. Click on it, it gonna have a funny weird sound, I think it's a toy!!!!!!! Enjoy!!! :D

Lots of reading.

Gonna play again when im not stoned. The music is killing my high.


I think this is great storyline and i loved the "a wild human i could use your services" part!!

Finally some literature.

You might as well have been writing Gulliver's Travels, as for the fantasy, interpretation of characters and all related lingos, and for the intensity of light, delightful, engaged, moral satire. Great job, amusing and perfect in any minimal detail.

a great game

this is a very good game.