Reviews for "The Book of Living Magic"


This game is entertaining. The humour is ridiculous but I enjoyed it.


Awesome game!
Love the music as well

At first it was silly and absurd...

but by the end it became clear that there was more to the story.

The Best Game I've Played

An interesting storyline with creative characters. The music sounds sad and ackward, but the gameplay is really keen and great. The game is truly outstanding!
If I had to rate this 1-10, I would seriously rate it a perfect 10. Guess what? This is the first perfect score I ever gave here. By the way are you going to make a sequel?
I would really love to see a sequel of this. I want to find out who Raven's parents are, and who the people are that live in those locked doors. I think everyone would also like to see who Evil McSelfish is. There are so many things that are still not answered, so please make another one.
I hope you read this :)

Not yet?????

Whats up with the part with the door that says not yet??? even after getting the book it still says not yet???