Reviews for "The Book of Living Magic"

Ah, back in lands of dream.

Hand drawn pictures fit the nicely, music is astounding and the feeling of the story is just.. very emotional and very well written.

Thank you for making this.

Simply, wow.

This game was amazing. The art, the descriptions, the random references, even the corny puns. I loved it. The art was perfect. The story was exactly what it needed to be. This is a fabulous game.

Very different from all the rest on this site.

Brilliant E-game, one I might recommend to any kid to play. (Or anyone.)

- Artwork seems to be done to a piece of paper, like I have seen some of the work done on the site. It looks pretty good (and chidlike, which just adds to the whole thing).

- Humor is there, just didn't work for me.

- Lots of text, with characters and when examining environment. Adds depth to the whole thing.

- Story is... different, I don't think I have seen this kind of a story before. Dare I say unique?

-Music choices are good for this type of game.

- Not really too hard, I didn't really have trouble realising what to do. Pretty easy in fact.

Something I noticed though; some of the words used in here are finnish! And one is even a curseword! (Which surprised me.) When talking to N'Grass he says 5 finnish words, one of them being "s***" in finnish. While I found that hilarious, I am not too sure if that is intentional!

Also in the Forest of Eyeballs in the third screen, clicking one of the big eyes it says yet again another finnish word "Silmämuna", which in english is "eyeball".

I find this very intriguing. If possible, I'd like a reply explaining just why those finnish words are in the game. :P

Good work!

4/5, 8/10

JonasKyratzes responds:

The Finnish words are in there because... well, because I have a twisted sense of humour. There's also a few jokes in other languages.

Really touching...

Everything is so nice! The artwork is very traditional, the wording is so much fulfilling and the end is very touching itself. It was a bit hard, yet a bit easy... Such a good game...

Great game!

Very creative game. Music was great (repetitive, but not annoying). Story was good, and I love the amount of detail in the scenes. I had a blast reading the description of every eyeball in the forest-- never got bored with it. All in all, great game. The artwork prolly could've used some help but I think you're aware ("this ball may be floating" lol), but other than that, great. Maybe the environments could be graphically interactive too, instead of just static scenes? Also, once I read everything there was to read/click on in the environments, the game became a little bit of a chore, going from one person to the next to get this thing or that, with nothing much changing. I had more fun talking to the characters before I ever started collecting items.

p.s. Not sure how many people on NG have actually played the first Hero's Quest game ("So You Want To Be A Hero?"), but I thought the references were awesome. Also caught a Zelda reference and a couple of LoTR refrences. Any I missed?