Reviews for "Jade Wolf 3 Demo"

This is an awesome game... I really hope to know if this will be out someday or was cancellated... the last activity of the autor was on june 18 2014 at 03 am as You can see in the next link ( http://www.kongregate.com/accounts/SeditionGames ) , it gives me hope that he is still workin' on it... but it seems strange that he didn't do any update of how is he doin' or the game progress... anyone knows something?thanks for the answers and Happy New Year for everyone !!!

SeditionGames responds:

nah, sorry. Not gonna do any more on it. Might start a new one in the future, though

Most amazing thing I ever tried! I give all 5 on both rating AND stars! Cant wait for the real thing to coem out! I cant just do the demo! OMG so awesome so awesome so awesome! Drawings are good, much less laggy than the second one. Great job!

this is one of my fave games!

Well, not really much to say. It manages to keep the environments and feel of the first game, as well as the sense of exploration. I'm not sure i like the background in the beach area. It's nice to see the primates, and the dark wolves again though. Long story short, hurry up and finish the full version. This game definitely lives up to it's predecessors.
Final thought: yes, a map would be nice. If you don't make it, some crazy fan will have to.

I really enjoyed this wolf game, probably because i love wolves. It would be awesome if it was on DS or PS2! Jade Wolf 3 demo is a fun & entertaining, it has interesting puzzles to solve and you can play as a white wolf that can fly. This game is an online game but it would be cooler if it was for download as well, then many people would download and play. =3 xxx