Reviews for "MINESPICE"


The art style was nice, with the voice acting being especially good. I didn't understand what was with the blocks -- the blocks that the main character was holding was smaller than the block that was presumably taken out of the building.
The animation was smooth; however, the house looked, well, almost 2d and straight. I don't know about others, but I think the house should've been more, well, blocky? I found the flash a bit funny, though.
It was a bit too short for my liking, but hey, this could be the start of a new series!

~~ Summary ~~

~~ Good points ~~
1) Nice art style
2) Fluid animation
3) Outstanding voice acting
4) Funny

~~ Bad points ~~
1) I didn't understand some parts, though this can be safely ignored
2) Blocks weren't the same size (although this may be ignored)
3) Too short for my liking


Gimmick, you my good sir have never played minecraft before have you

ThePivotsXXD responds:

I play Minecraft everyday, this is just a short animation based off a comic my friend drew

you shouldn't have done that....ben will get you

pretty neat XP I was talking about this guy with a friend rencently. funny comic/flash here....

that sir, is enderman
it's a mob that they're planning on adding. it's tall, has the ability to pick up blocks and can teleport..... check the minecraft wiki

nice parody to OldSpice... i liked it !

i give it 4/5 diamonds :)