Reviews for "The Cat and the Fish"

my mind is now totally in limbo

not suprised, but still shocked.

I hate when that happens!

I really dig the style of animation! Just enough info to get you invested and curious...and then BANG! Like the toaster, you know it's coming but you still jump. Would have appreciated some gore, but maybe that's just me.

That was intersting...

Despite it being a little random, that animation was pretty spot-on. The backgrounds were an eye-catcher too. Too bad it's just that this type of flash doesn't get me chuckling as hard as it used to. :(

Great job on the animation though!

Syringes responds:

Thanks for the review : D

Interesting and Odd

Kind of funny how you expect the cat to eat the fish and it becomes the other way around. Certainly hope that cat did not belong to anyone as they will never see it again either. I have to say though I found this to be a rather interesting piece and I think you did a wonderful job of showing a little tale of how not everything is how it appears.

The animation looked very well done. How long did you end up spending to make this little short piece anyways? The cat actually looked pretty cute and very nicely drawn as well. The dude just kind of seemed unhappy with life and that fish was simply a trap. Kind of have to wonder though, why didn't the cat try to climb down and run away real quick when it saw what the fish was? The walls were also very nicely drawn so kudos there too. The graffiti was a nice touch.

The audio playing was nice and all of it was fitting where it needed to be played so nice work there on those parts. Who did the voice of the guy though, you? If so then nice, it sounds great. Really good audio though.

Overall, very excellent and well done animation, was quite awesome.

Syringes responds:

Haha, thanks for re-commenting. I hate hacker. >n< And thanks for the good review!

Wow that's too bad

Someone actually hacked and deleted your reviews? Well, I'll just have to review it again!

This flash took me by surprise. It's really cute and well-animated, and I thought I could predict how it was going to end, but... wow. That's NG for ya.

Syringes responds:

Aww, thank you! ^u^ Im glad you liked it. And yea... I hope I get all my comments back : (((( Oh well. xD