Reviews for "The Cat and the Fish"

O_o woah!

never saw that comming. aw such a cute kitty :)


I definitely like it... there are a few points where I feel like maybe you went a little overboard with the filters (the bevel on the cat in a couple shots was the right choice but a bit too present, and the drop shadow stuff mostly worked great but there were a few parts where I thought it should have been a bit less present) but I don't think that hurt the feel much. Something about the vibe and the choice of music really gets me, the replay screen was a great touch as well.
You stuff gets better with everything you post, I'm looking forward to your next animation.

Syringes responds:

Awww, thanks for the review! I hope to get better as I make more! ^u^


you got me!

Syringes responds:

Yay :D

wow ..

that was ... unexpected... at all ...

Syringes responds:

xD Im glad.

O_0 I so never expected that ending!

That was such an unexpected ending.. but heck this is newgrounds.
Nice work.. Welcome back 2 the fold fellow animator.

Syringes responds:

Tank you :3