Reviews for "-:Bounce:-"


Great game, great idea, great song, very entertaining and really simple! Added to my favorites! Congratulations on the awesome job!

great game

and great quots


This game is worth App fodder, it deserves an Android and iPhone release but when it comes to 57, then you got to start worrying.

Use Joy2Key, because then a analog stick is much more accurate than a mouse.
Turn the quality to low, to improve performance at a high level.
When after enough bounces you gain a life. (If you haven't noticed...)
Rings below the paddle can be re-gained by hitting them on the edge of the paddle.


thi shoul be an ipad game


i agree with zebax this should be an ipad/ipod touch game. and i lost it at thye gandolf thing..........YES I SHALL PASS U mage that has no skilz!!!