Reviews for "-:Bounce:-"

Nice timewaster

It got too easy once the amount of balls was enough to slow down flash, i got to 104 (counter while playing only shows the first two digits btw) before i just quit out of boredom and a cramping arm and at the time i had enough lives to go beyond the right edge of the screen.

High score button doesn't work can't tell if mine submitted.

simple and fun

a game for all ages to enjoy


Well this was quite fun. Sense you had to say 50 i the comments, I'm giving you 46/50, cause I managed to keep 46 in the air. :P


Great game, great idea, great song, very entertaining and really simple! Added to my favorites! Congratulations on the awesome job!


This is new good job. At first it was to easy but when i got to 20 it got hard. Top is 30 :). But aggin good job.