Reviews for "Action Hero Dance Party"

This is great Mawnz! I love the melody that starts at 00:30 it's so catchy!
It loops perfect too, Awesome work.

Mawnz responds:

Thank you Mattashi I had fun making this as well :D
I actually tried streaming while making it so I could have feedback on the song as I did it by a friend!

Thanks again, I appreciate it!!

I like this song! Nice contrast between the action driven elements and the happy things (hence the titleAction Hero Dance Party I assume), but it doesn't contrast much, it actually blends very well in an interesting way. Makes the song very original. It indeed loops well.

Mawnz responds:

Yea imagine some action heroes being heroes and then taking a break to dance a little or something...! If it wouldn't have been this title I was thinking of something like "Summer", but this title was cooler ;D

Thank you for your thoughts on the song SourJovis, much appreciated!


Mawnz responds:


Very nice, a song that makes you smile. As a bassist myself, it's really good to see you put in music you actually played yourself. Bravo!!

Mawnz responds:

Thanks making one smile was something I was going for!
As for actually playing the bass... I didn't record myself playing it since I don't really have the equipment for doing so :p I did play the bass just to come up with a bassline :)
Thanks anyway, appreciated!

It has a good rhythm, I love how it sounds!