Reviews for "Circle & Square"

The fuck?

I dont even...

SuperMante responds:

xD thanks.

Wait... What?

Ahahahahaa this is great! xD

SuperMante responds:

Thanks :)


Random randomness is so epicly random!!

SuperMante responds:

Yea' I kind of like random flashes too :D

I enjoyed this. Bravo.

Sir, I look forward to more submissions from you. This flash uses and excellent mix of music, to give a mood to the flash, with sounds that are internet memes, which adds humor to the flash. You animating skill are superb, as the frames glide together seamlessly. Please, make more like this flash.

SuperMante responds:

Thanks a lot !
Yeah I plan to continue doing this kind of flashes with really random humor and crappy animation when I want to have fun :)

What the fuck did I just watch?
who cares, it made me smile with a ting of of INSANITY.
/ \
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