Reviews for "Cave of No Return"


How to run faster?

You just got penetrated

This is pretty bad. You slide faster than you run and your jump has nothing to do with the momentum you have. The physics need to be fixed. The black and white makes this game even less entertaining than what it could be and the "music" is annoying.


Well, at least it seems lovely except that it is lagging as hell and all I see is a gray and my score constantly going up.

the funny side of the lag in this game

when I first started playing this game,I keep having lags.But,the lag helps! I didn't die,my score keeps going up,I don't have to put my focus on the controls and I can't see anything,eventhough i seen the intro and everything but I can't see i'm controlling anything! I never say the game sucks,IT ROCKS! I can just wait the whole day until I scored a million points! I'm also playing this game on Google Chrome! I just can't stop laughing! thanks to the lag,I can do anything without using the controls! the only thing I did is slide mostly and jump sometimes. Don't fix the game,let the scores go up!!!! :))

Cave of no Control

The game itself was quite well made, i enjoyed it and the concept, but there was one outstanding flaw that prevented me from playing for very long: the controls.

Using the up key to jump and the down key to slide was incredibly awkward for me, since they're so close together. I would have preferred space bar as jump or two alphabet keys, spaced far apart, as jump and slide. An option to reassign the keys would be ideal.

Other than the control issue it's a good game, but that one flaw is enough to prevent me from giving it a higher score.