Reviews for "Cave of No Return"

Nice game, but...

It was a nice game, with a nice thought and game play (one of those endurance games I bet), but I didn't like how slow she ran, or the fact that I could not determin where she runs on the screen (front, middle, or back), which is rather important if she'd going to have death chasing behind her (death being the killing factor most most "run" games have, be it a little monster chasing after them, the screen just moving, or in your case, rocks falling). I found that about half the run, I had to slide just so she could get a head start on the collapsing cave, and I find that ridiculous, since, one, it was not stated in the rules (not to say I'm a professional at this game, but I ran through it without being caught by the ledges, and was still smashed by the rocks), and two, it's not much of a running game if I have to constantly slide just to avoid the rocks falling behind me.

I really didn't get far because of the problems I listed above, so I can't vote on the obstetrical that probably would have came ahead, but I know the constant sliding was giving me trouble with just the raised and lowered ledges, so it would have probably been annoying if I had reached them.

practically unplayable.

when i first played the game, the first 15 seconds posed little problem to me because of the relatively few obstacles. however, the difficulty increased sharply immediately after as i had to jump over more obstacles within a short distance along the way. at times, it is impossible not to slow down. being caught by the avalanche within seconds in inevitable at that point, no matter how precise i made the jumps. there seemed to be a limiting factor to how far you can travel in this case.

introducing upgrades is a good idea. one possible suggestion is to reward players when they make a series of perfect jumps. people should be able to pick up a few overrunitems (for example rockets to make you airborne, or device that can slow the avalanche). this makes it more plausible to overrun the avalanches and reach a certain destination.

graphics are alright for a mini game like this. the black and white colour helps create a eerie feeling. medals are either too easy or too hard to earn though. i unlocked the first few medals without even knowing what has to be done to unlock them. on the other hand, i never 'entered the lair bones', despite getting a score of 13,000 after a dozen of retries. perhaps you should reduce the distance required to earn that medal. same for the remaing ones.

Why are we going trhu this forest again?

"Because beyond it is the cave of no retuuurrnn"

1st thing that came into my head XD


i happen to like these sort of games especially canabalt
However i like the concept of sliding to escape the rubble as well as running i thought it was an interesting litle thing to add
i also thought that it was a good concept nowone wants to be crushed in a dark cave forever


There are some reeeally misinformed reviews for this gme. I especially laughed at the one complaining about the slide "being faster than the running speed", as if that wasn't the whole point of the game.

Old and very boring concept, but it had that "something" I guess. I think the Gryzor-
esque menu screen got me :)