Reviews for "Cave of No Return"


My english is not very good yet, i apologize for the failures of the text.
Good graphics, isn't the best ever, sure, but are good.
A bit of color maybe help, but well.
Simple controls; but this simpleness hide an advantage against the falling rocks. The boost of sliding action do the game more easy.
In some place of second area, the game screen fail repeatedly; then the girl die with the pikes (i can't see the pikes and i hit them), and the game continues normally. That only happened once.
I can't see in the leaderboards... ¿?
The theme is like the games of the old Nippon or Sega, very nostalgic.
Is a good game, can be better, but is good.
3/5 I like it.
7/10 Is good.
I go to play it a little more, see ya.

Stupid girl...

Why did she go to a cave?Anyways.Game is awesome.But it could be easier.


the sliding of it doesn't give u the speed in crease u need move like up to jump down to lide and right key to increase speed instead of sliding

xD xD

bahahaha!!! when i got hit by a spike it said 'you just got penetrated'

Great Concept

Nice animating, simple controls, and nice music. Just one problem. Spikes blend in with the background too well. So, the game should really be more colorful, or at least make the spikes easier to spot. Otherwise, really great job.