Reviews for "Cave of No Return"


I don't even know how to go faster, even though I read the instructions? What does this tell us? The game is confusing! I can't give this much, because a game's quality is very reduced if the game is hard to play.


fun and addictive fame

Easily get 100 Pointed medal!

I just Pressed Down Down Down Down Down Down, and so until death (huh, but i dont know how did i get it -.-)

too hard

fun but sliding to go faster ruins it

could improve

i found this game had the making of an addictive game. a few of the let downs were;
the lack of colour, i know this might have been the angle but it could help.
the death notice, it never changed. having the roof fall on your head till came up with the you got penetrated.

pro tip; spam the hell out of the down button to gather speed.the faster you tap the faster you go