Reviews for "Cave of No Return"

Nice idea. Needs work.

Okay, the game was really nice and somehow addictive. You wanna know if there is an end or something (at least I do, so I'll play on and on and on...), I mean 'no return' doesn't mean you can't make it out, or does it?
But I agree with the other people, it gets kinda difficult after a few secs, but that's okay, it's challenging and not too lame, though it could be a biiiiit easier for us mortal people. :D

I can't say much about the music, I've disabled sound.

Next point: the medals. It's okay for me when I do not know how to actually get those medals. But at least I wanna know later what I've done to receive them, know what I mean? It's just strange for me that I got three or four of them when I jumped against a corner.

Well, another point, off the actual game, is that when I wanted to click anything in the menu after dying it wouldn't lead me there (Facebook, Twitter, teagames, leaderboard, more games, and oh, the box in the right corner in the achivements menu that says 'click here to....'). I don't know if it's just me? Maybe anyone else should try out to be led to one of those pages.

Okay, all in all your game was nice to play, no massive negative points in here but a lot of fun to keep me playing gor a long time.
So then, I gotta find a way out the cave, see you.

whats with the medals?

I dont even know what im doing to get them, yet i was at 5K score on my 3rd try and i got There But Not Back again. You Couldve at least made them hidden, then told how u got them after you unlock it. This is just my medal review, not gonna add more

Not terrible. Needs a little work.

The monochrome is a nice touch, yet as the game progresses it's painful on the eyes. The music , nothing wrong there, the same with the graphics.

As for the jumping and scrolling, that is where the problems emerge. Some of the leaps are far too impossible and the margin for error is very slim. YET, it is not a simple hitbox issue so it's far more acceptable.
The apparent speed increase from sliding doesn't do much when at some points of the level the collapsing cave over takes the player regardless.

All and all, it is very well made game- Just with a few issues. I can't decide between a 7 or a 5 .

Good Job!

Actually felt like an old school game, gave me a nostalgic feeling like I was playing the original Gameboy or something. Very awesome, hard as hell, but hey, so were old school games. Good Job! 5/5 10/10


Good idea but it needs alot of work. I agree with SevasTra it does get difficult to soon