Reviews for "Cave of No Return"

whats with the medals?

I dont even know what im doing to get them, yet i was at 5K score on my 3rd try and i got There But Not Back again. You Couldve at least made them hidden, then told how u got them after you unlock it. This is just my medal review, not gonna add more

Not terrible. Needs a little work.

The monochrome is a nice touch, yet as the game progresses it's painful on the eyes. The music , nothing wrong there, the same with the graphics.

As for the jumping and scrolling, that is where the problems emerge. Some of the leaps are far too impossible and the margin for error is very slim. YET, it is not a simple hitbox issue so it's far more acceptable.
The apparent speed increase from sliding doesn't do much when at some points of the level the collapsing cave over takes the player regardless.

All and all, it is very well made game- Just with a few issues. I can't decide between a 7 or a 5 .

Good Job!

Actually felt like an old school game, gave me a nostalgic feeling like I was playing the original Gameboy or something. Very awesome, hard as hell, but hey, so were old school games. Good Job! 5/5 10/10


Good idea but it needs alot of work. I agree with SevasTra it does get difficult to soon

OK game, gets too difficult too soon

Unless there only 2 areas this game gets too difficult way too soon. The obstacles in the second area require too precise of jumps to make it over them at the speed you need to go or at that point the game makes you go too fast for the jumps. This is also a great example of why randomly generated obstacles are terrible because it likes to throw jumps at you that you just can't make.