Reviews for "Cave of No Return"

I will not return..

I will not return to the Cave of No Return. The gray color scheme is ugly, you should've spent another hour giving this game color. The anime character choice isn't my thing but ony because I have a self respect as a man, I don't know what you are, a sissy boy? The menu music is ok but probably stolen just like all the sound effects, the atmosphere of the cave is dull but mostly annoying. Sliding does make you go faster so continuously pressing down instead of holding it will work in your favor. And what's with no description on medals? Dickish move. People want to play this game with unique content, the button doesn't work and this game doesn't have any unique content anyway. It's a terrible addition to the avalanche genre, you could've made this cool by adding powerups, color, and a different character but you went the color-blind 12yo Asian girl route. Seems like you wasted your time but hopefully gained some experience.

SteveHarris responds:


Really fun, but hard medals..

Wow this was hard. The medals should be worth more points though, because they're really hard to get most of them.
And the "click here to play this game with unique content" button is broken.
And there's a white little like box near the lower right corner of the game, like there was more space intended but it's not filling all of it, and it's annoying.
And why are all the medal's descriptions '???'
It's annoying.. >_>

Not a bad game

This game was fun to play at times because you really had to keep on going. The thing that weighed it down was how hard it got. There also isn't a lot of detail in this, but it's still done fairly well. The graphics are nice and I like the dark overtone of the atmosphere. It's fun just to see the main character flop around like that. It certainly lives up to its name as you will die if you so much as look back, another stock phrase.

I am so glad I figured out that you could slide to go faster. You pretty much had to make every single jump in order to get that ahead. It was funny how you didn't describe what the medals were, but they weren't secret or anything. The music also creates a pretty creepy atmosphere. It's kind of a weird game, but recommendable.

Review and achievements

I liked the visuals, but the constantly repeating loop of the impending cave-in quickly became an audio annoyance. Maybe a subtle BGM could be added?

The controls are simple and responsive, but since the game requires the player to repeatedly tap the down button just to continue to play, it got pretty boring. Yes, there are things that you have to jump over and things that you have to slide under, but the gameplay still became more of a chore (and finger workout) than something of entertainment. Perhaps the speed boost could remain for as long as you're sliding, instead of just at the initial crouch?

For those of you wanting to know about the achievements:
- No Return & Mushrooms Are Bad For You: arriving at stage 1 and stage 2, respectively. I'm guessing that Crystal Clear is for stage 3 and To The Bones is for stage 4.

- Sliding Princess, Sliding Queen, and Mother of Slide: those have to do with sliding (a lot), probably slide for a cumulative total of X, Y, and Z seconds per playthru.

- Rain of Pebbles, Rain of Stones, Stone Storm: I'm guessing these have to do with "riding the wave", or spending X, Y, and Z seconds running while very close to the falling stones (danger line).

- Going On a (Longer) Trip: these involve hitting the corner/side of a ledge, causing your character to trip and slow down. You'll see a small flashing animation when this happens.

- There But Not Back Again: I have no idea on this one. I got it on my 2nd run right near the start.

- Inquisitive Soul: View the game credits,

need work

some button in the game didnt work