Reviews for "Cave of No Return"

Sorry if I am just too stupid but..

I don't get it why I am getting slower? Is there something I need to do to gain speed? Am I hitting something I can't see? I really have no idea, but the cavein always gets me after several seconds.. I like the graphics and the gameplay idea itself, but dying without knowing why really makes this game bad. If this is intented, please include at least instructions how to avoid it.


This is a decent game but it is really depressing , mainly because of the color scheme and music . This would have been much better with some colors . The game is quite fun to play but after a while it becomes dull

Doesnt appear to work correctly

This game does not appear to be working right. The screen shakes violently and will go black sometimes for a while and when the character does return to the screen it will be moving so slowly that I cannot react. Also there have been times where I am staring at a black screen for several minutes while the score inexplicably goes up while I cannot see what I am doing. Gaining achievements while not doing anything and staring at a black screen isn't exactly a game.


Actually pretty good. A lil funny skill game.. I enjoyed it :D

Also love the music. <3 ASnd the style of graphics.

Good Work :3

What the HELL???

I say I'm being GENEROUS giving it a five! it is POINTLESS! Change up the music every now and then, add a couple baddies. and add a little color and this game would have been so much more enjoyable. Not trying to be an ass, just trying to help you out, alright?