Reviews for "Cave of No Return"

Not much fun.

I expected some sort of adventure game.. but basically its canabalt/dino run but without any of the fun?

I dont feel like dying 10000 times to make "progress" (no checkpoints?) . There isnt anything exciting happenning at all.

I dont like the fact that the only way to go fast enough to not die instantly is to spam the slide button (the game had to tell me, eh) .. its like jumping with a knife to go faster in an FPS; its retarded; why cant we go as fast as possible by .. ya know.. running?

Oh, and even boosting like a madman doesnt really help: the scrolling-wall-of-death is still 3-4 second behind me. So boosting dont seem to help much at all in the end.

I simply dont like this type of gameplay. Too punishing, repetitive, boring.


A check point at each new area would be awesome!

Fairly good game

But the way to speed up is too annoying. Tip: You get a speed boost at the BEGINING of the slide. so to go faster, keep tapping slide. Unfortunately, you can't really do this in the later parts of the cave, because there are too many traps and ledges.

I don't get this game

Game looks nice, but I don't get it. Once I've made no mistakes and though I get caught. Other time I bounced off two times and yet I get approximately as far.
Is there a way to speed up? I tried sliding, but it don't get you faster.


The game is good but there is no way to speed up so after a few time you die, even if you jumped everything perfectly. If there is a way the at please do tell