Reviews for "Cave of No Return"


I'll play Dino Run if I want to play this style of gameplay, I was never a fan of the randomly generated level type when it comes to this game as some run through are just to impossible to stay ahead when you are constantly jumping with no chance to speed up with a slide and even then one little bump and the crumbling tunnel is right behind you, it's just not fun when the progress through the level doesn't get me too far each time. At least with Dino Run you can get ahead of the destruction where a fail won't have the thing right up your ass the moment you make the mistake.

chang the way to speed up plzz

i got up to 15k score, but the thing is, with only rapidly hit down button to desperedly gain spd, it make me can;t hit the up when needed that really stupid...

not bad at all but...

Did you played your own game? were you able to finish it? it's just impossible! you can't run fast enough to get rid of the rocks, you actually have the same speed but just if you slide! everything wuold be perfect,if you just put some checkpoint...like other users said.

needs to speed up

The game would be much better if she could speed up. You will get caught every time because she is goin the same speed through out the whole game.

Not much fun.

I expected some sort of adventure game.. but basically its canabalt/dino run but without any of the fun?

I dont feel like dying 10000 times to make "progress" (no checkpoints?) . There isnt anything exciting happenning at all.

I dont like the fact that the only way to go fast enough to not die instantly is to spam the slide button (the game had to tell me, eh) .. its like jumping with a knife to go faster in an FPS; its retarded; why cant we go as fast as possible by .. ya know.. running?

Oh, and even boosting like a madman doesnt really help: the scrolling-wall-of-death is still 3-4 second behind me. So boosting dont seem to help much at all in the end.

I simply dont like this type of gameplay. Too punishing, repetitive, boring.