Reviews for "Cave of No Return"


What the hell? What the fuck compelled you to make that cave so fast. I didn't even trip once, but somehow the rocks still caught up. Your only way to get any further is to just press down repeatedly, and even then the cave-in is STILL faster than you! You didn't even explain what the achievements were for, so I ended upp having a whole bunch of medals I had no idea how I got in the first place. This game was hardly entertaining to me at all, and any points I would have gave you are taken away by bullshit. I'm nowmallly easy to please, and hardly ever rant about anything, but this game, really... Damn...

for those who don't know SLIDE LIKE CRAZY

quite intersting game
but some kind of upgrade menu would be nice :)
concept,graphics and music is good
by the way is there a name to the song?


THAT IS ALL! Fun, simple. :)


so in order to do well you have to...

randomly get lucky and get good flat terrain to constantly powerslide across in order to keep ahead of the cave that can outrun you?


Also, the art was nice but the game lacked anythig to make it stand out.

Nothing too new or interesting.

What a shame. This game has the potential to be really awesome.
The way the back end of the screen gradually encroaches is stupid. Simply put it is stupid. There is no eloquent way to word that.

Also the stalactite/stalagmite obstacles are almost impossible to differentiate from the background. Even when you're going at a good clip you'll fly into one of those obstacles because they just don't stand out.

I'd much rather be playing Canabalt.

The good notes is, the game is incredibly smooth. And is VERY visually appealing. I had to score this game a 2/5 because due to its many shortcomings it is nothing too new, or interesting.

Make a few tweaks and release a 2.0 and you'll have solid gold on your hands.