Reviews for "Cave of No Return"

kind of shitty

since the screen was almost the whole time covered all in black... and it was lagging a little bit also

Not too bad...

It's pretty good and simple...nice and smooth animation, okay artwork, easy laid-back gameplay...BUT WHYZ WE KEEP DYIN???

Exactly. The biggest fault of this game is that even if you didn't trip, even if you slid a lot for that speed boost, even if you aren't trapped behind a wall; somehow, inexplicably, you will eventually run to your doom as you hit the ceiling and are consumed by rubble.

Don't know if it's good and hard, or hardly good

It's a really interesting game. However, it's really hard as the cave collapses really fast.

Medals work, but I would like if they had a description on how to get them.


I don't understand. I ran through. Jumped some ledges.. and the cave caught up to me. What gives?

random luck

i gave a 3 for the smooth animation. everything else is garbage.