Reviews for "Cave of No Return"

Medal Problems....

The only medals I got were the tripping ones, and reaching a certain point ones. When spent the entire first part of the cave directly next to the avalanche I didn't get a medal. And I can't seem to get the sliding ones either, even though I've slided over 100 times. Is it because I didn't slide enough? Or is it a bug?

really good

wow, what a great game this is!

I like the whole concept of getting as far as possible without dying. Since the avalanche is constantly gaining in on you, there's no tedious or boring parts in the game, you just keep moving and staying ahead while jumping over/sliding under different obstacles. I also like the fact that you made it necessary to make these swift decisions on when to jump, when to slide and when to run faster. Compared to similar games like "fly the copter", this style of gameplay is far more interesting.

The graphics are the strongpoint of this game. I really like the fact that you just left it to different shades of gray. It fits the whole survival-thing and gives that certain atmosphere of danger (kind off like the xbla game "limbo"). The sprites are also kept on an oldschool level without any unnessecary bullshit just for the sake of it. Again, nice job.

Finally, the music/soundeffects. Here you did a good job aswell. The sound of the avalanche is a nice touch and the music in the background frames everything in quite well.

All in all, a great piece of work.

Fun but tough

It is fun but even if you don't trip the avalanche will gain on you. You have to slide in order to actually gain some ground on the avalanche, and no matter how much you slide, one trip and the avalanche is right in your grill.

Great but...

Its an addicting game but would be better if it wasn't in black and white and if you could hear the music instead of the rocks trying to crush you while you play.

Would be better if

you could actually see what the hell your character is doing.