Reviews for "Cave of No Return"

Great game!

by the way, "THERE BUT NOT BACK AGAIN" was my 4th medal :D

awsome game.

If you hit the down button rapidly, and jump when nescesary you may avoid getting cot in the colasping cave longer. this may also help to speed up quickly to "lose" the colaspingness and avoid danger. but beware of obsticles, they come at you quickly and timing when you jump is tricky.

Good..good, but some programming issues

The game looks beautiful, but its not backed by good flow of game play. it feels exciting but the ceiling falls too quickly the avatar is not moving more ahead to give a good distance, in simple terms I small mess up your done there is no way to recover.

Its a little laggy giving the experience of a runner game very uncomfortable. Just a few twerks and this game will look amazing.

Keep it up you have the grasp just keep molding it.

Spectacular graphics, bad programming

It says I unlocked a new starting area, but how do I start from it?

It's laggy and glitchy, the camera goes berserk sometimes when I jump into a collapsing ceiling, the high scores don't work, hell, even the "more games" buttons don't work.


I enjoy these types of games a lot. Only thing I would like there to be is for it to be able to go even faster.