Reviews for "Cave of No Return"

nice !

i love the colors :)

Not that bad

I read the other reviews and I have to say that I don't have any jumping problems, but I thinkn BennyK is right: the slide shouldn't be a mode of transport, plus, some stuff like the leaderboard and the "More Games" buttons (the menu one, the teagames one, and the unique content one). Last, the play button on the explanation screen have some problems, and I have to double click 8-10 times before it works. But, even with these problems, the basic idea is good, you should keeep going

A note from the developer

I'm Anders Andersson - the one in charge of everything but the flash conversion of Cave of no return. This game was my first attempt at actually finishing a project, and was not really intended as a flash title from the beginning.

I'd like to begin with extending a thanks for all the useful feedback - it really helps :)

Many of the issues described are a result of the game not performing properly in a advertisment heavy environment. The difficulty is pretty high even in the non flash version, and with the introduction of graphical and input lag I understand many of you find the game frustrating.

Also, those of you that mention that the background makes it hard to see obstacles are right. I should have either used only the two darkest colors (out of the four that make up tha game) for the background, or given up on the four color only style, making the backgrounds in a generally darker tone.

I am absolutely going to take the advice here with me if I decide to produce a sequel. Also, developing the game for the flash format from the get go would probably terminate many of the issues that Cave of no return has.

(I just registered here, and it seems like I cannot comment without giving the game a score. I give it a 6, since the average score right now is 6.1, and that will cause as little change to the average score as possible :) )

It's alright...

And, frankly, that's all I can fucking give it. I've played a lot of runners, but this is ridiculous. While I've never run into a bug of any sort, I find it infuriating that I have to rapidly press slide (The startup of the slide is faster than the period of using it, just so you know) just to get away from the falling rocks, and even when I do, the damn thing can still kill me. Not because of poor timing, but because it's closing in on me faster than it should.

Also, give us an option to move left or right a bit in mid-air. That'll at least compensate for all the infuriating random terrain that you throw at the player.

I had absolutely no problems with it except..

...the difficulty. It's nigh upon impossible to get more than 10000 points.
I had none of the bugs others did, however.