Reviews for "Cave of No Return"

looks fair

Well what do we have here? a run and jump kind of game? honestly I think its a fair built game with a good kick in its style,such as the cinematic intro and some polygonal 3D on the cave's entrance,and a rather good song to go with it,but I believe it should've been more of a Minecraft/Terraria survival game,but is fully set in an infinite cave where you fight out monsters till your last breath,since we already have similar games like this that only uses less than 5 buttons ,or hell,make the game have this arcadey style into it and have bigger twists than what the game has,like big monsters chasing you,that'd be great.

I have given you a five for the unique style you're trying to make,but I think you should try getting this game to stick out with more enhancements.


The game is mediocre and gets boring. The colors and graphics are good though. The game is hard and should be going a little faster when you run.


A mediocre canabalt clone. Plays solid enough but it's nothing of note.

More controls?

I know what you are trying to do by only giving us two buttons but concerning how fast the screen is moving, it's kind of hard not to die. I can't imagine anyone getting higher than 20000 points on this game. Also using slide for mobility is an extremely bad idea, you have to duck and move fast with sliding? It's not like you actually move ahead in the screen from sliding either. The jumps have to be so fucking precise it's kind of impossible to not lose your speed or die from the fucking spikes poking your ass. So yeah I give it a 3

??? medals

If you're going to have secret medals, then that's fine, but why do you feel the need to add '???' on every one of the medal description.