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Reviews for "Test Subject Blue"

Is this testing for boredom in players?

The "puzzles" (if they can be called that) are mainly just simple and simple to slove but are dragged out so you've solved it in two seconds but thanks to serval gameplay flaws it takes much longer than it should.
Besides, your main idea (putting the greens walls in inconveant so walking into the wrong one which is normaly in front of your goal sets you back) is really easy to figure out so makes your first 10 or so stages moot. and because they take so long this doesn't m ake your want to persist for longer.

And its not hard to figure out where your inspration came from (Blue+Orange, Portals, Testing...I could go on. I was half expecting a evil A.I to gas the scientist) but it is hard to figure out where your shcooling came from. Don't you know what an emzyme is?
Also why did you make it so Blues gun is Rapid Fire in mid-air? if you hold down Space in mid air its fires faster than if you hold fire down on the ground. Try it.

Waiting for sequel

I had a good time with this game and then completed Test Subject Green (which is a much more fun) on Nitrome site. Cute pixel art and music but the game is just a bit repetitive... Also I don't like the fact that after my respawn most of the enemies don't come back to have some more fight with me... That made a game too easy and not very challenging. 5 stars to this game for art, 8 to it's sequel. So we get 6,5 stars.
PS: +1,5 stars for the third part of Test Subject series that will be released in future. I believe it will be nice game.


Trapped in a test chamber? Blue and orange color theme? Bouncing death balls? Portals?

Something seems familiar, but I just can't place it... Oh, that's right! Those were all in that other game. The one by valve. Seems that a lot of online games are doing that these days. It sure is hard to stay afloat in this flood of brand new ideas.

Well, I'm off to watch the newest front page entry: "Nyan Cat Pawnch!!!" You'll never guess how it ends, Hilarious!

Oh right, the game. good effort overall although i somehow doubt that an enzyme would be a very effective test subject due to lack of sentience. Do you even realize what an enzyme is? It's a protein that cells usually use to dissolve things! One of the more creative use of "portals" i've seen in awhile, but personally i'd call the teleporters. it's a more accurate term than portal, and using the word portal seriously increases how much it seems you are ripping off certain games.

All in all, good game but nothing new

Simply amazing,

i love it.

Good game but...

This is a great game, but can we disable the tapping?