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Reviews for "Test Subject Blue"

almost a perfect 10.... almost

The background music was alright i guess. I liked the art work and animation that went into the game! It's an interesting challenge, but there's one part that annoyed me to no end.
Pros:Nice challenge, decent sound effects, a good challenge, great artwork!

Con: The scientist tapping on the window every few seconds! it's distracting and annoying!
If it wasn't for the window tapping thing, you would've got a 10 from me! But other than that it was a good game over all and deserves 9 blue test subjects out of 10!

the tapping

was irritating as hell, i dont mind continuously dying to figure out how to do things, but im quitting because of the freaking tapping the "doctor" does in the background...i enjoy the challange of it, but when im fixing to jump and he taps and it screws with my jump and makes me die, every.freaking.time., it gets old fast...but with that being only issue i still have to give it a 9 out of time

amazing game

sometimes the portals can be glitched. if you jump around halfway through one you can sometimes come out the other side without portaging

why do ppl expect a cute easy game?

ive come to expect fun, cute and above all else, insanely difficulf games from nitrome and this was a delight to play. i didnt want to call it quits at i think test 21 but it was just getting abit repetative for me.
insainely fun and addictive.
all the people that are complaining have no idea what a truely creative game this is. i wouldve gave this a 10 but i had to cut it down one point in the concept of fairness that there WAS alot of repitition and the portal walls didnt give any indication as to where exatly youd come out. all in all. this meets my expectations of a nitrome game.
you win!


A god damn continue button would be nice.